Increase your radio advertising return on investment with Watt Productions!  Our staff of industry leading producers and voiceover artists have worked on projects for clients like AT&T, MTV, CBS, Comedy Central, and Howard Stern.  Now we want to go to work for you. Our complete radio commercial packages start at only $749!
          Complete Radio Packages
   as low as
  • Includes script, voiceover, and production
  • The process can be done almost entirely online and is delivered electronically to the radio station
  • Discounts for packages including update plans
           Telephone IVR & On-Hold
    starting at
  • Use the time your customers are on-hold to tell them about your current promotions
  • Includes script, voiceover, and production
  • Discounts for IVR & on-hold together
                    In-Store Audio
   as low as
  • Entertain your customers and educate them about your business while they shop
  • Completely custom produced exclusively for your business
  • Discounts for packages including update plans
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Talent Spotlight

Kevin is the voice of Honda in 5 regions and for Pizza Hut in 2 states.

Find out more about our voice talents and hear samples in the creative area.



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